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Noticings Form - Here's a form to use for tracking the effects of a session with Susan, or with any other practitioner.  It empowers you to notice how you're really doing, and can help you to get the most out of each treatment.  Capture your noticings with a comment, emoji, or 0-10 rating scale.  Do whatever resonates with you, since this form is for YOU!  

Click here for a PDF version:  Noticings Form      

Contact Susan for a free, editable Excel version:



Energetic Emergency Card - Here's a printable, customizable card to pull out when you're feeling energetically depleted.   Click here: 


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HOURLY FEE:  $90 per hour - NO TIPPING

NEW CLIENTS: Please call, text, or email Susan to schedule an appointment. 

EXISTING CLIENTS:  Now you can schedule online at

             And of course, you're always welcome to call, text, or email Susan to schedule an appointment.

Evening and Sunday appointments are available.  Enjoy your bodywork session in a quiet and totally private setting in Susan's Columbia, MD office. Contact Susan for address.


Susan Mathason, LMT

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